About Pat

These are just a few pictures of Pat growing up. Click the image to see a larger picture in a new window.

Awwww! Pat as a baby.
Even at age 3 Pat was into playing the piano! Now he enjoys playing tunes "by ear." And he's good, too!
What mischief is this little guy into?
Scouting was a big part of Pat's life growing up. He was involved with Boy Scouts for many years- even accomplishing Eagle Scout! Then he worked at Scout Camp for several summers.
A couple of Pat's senior pictures from high school. He was just as cute then as he is now. :-)
Pat with his grandparents, Barb and Chris, when he was graduating from Baylor.
Pat with our president!
Then governor, George W. Bush was the speaker at Baylor's graduation. Our friend Jeff yelled out, "Go Pat!" as Pat was shaking Bush's hand, so Bush put his arm around Pat and told him it sounded like he had a fan- he'd better wave!
Pat with his folks at Beth and Kenneth's wedding. Pat was the Best Man- doesn't he look handsome in his tux!

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