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Our Story

Pat and I met in Penland Cafeteria very early in our Freshman year at Baylor. I usually ate lunch there with a group of friends, but Pat didn't generally eat in the cafeteria. Fortunately, we shared a mutual friend who brought him to lunch one day. He was in an engineering class with Amy, my good friend since 6th grade. Little did any of us know when she brought him to lunch that day that in eight and a half years, Pat and I would be married!

Over the next few years, our "lunch bunch" grew- my brother, Keith, even joined us when he came to Baylor!. We had lots of fun times hanging out with that gang. Pat and I grew closer after everyone had graduated, since we both stuck around Baylor to work here. At one point, we even talked about dating. Well, a year or so after that conversation, we got together and within a few months we were engaged!

Here's some pictures of us during the eight and a half years we've been friends...
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The gang- plus Keith's friend Rob at my folks' house after eating out at Joe's Barbecue. Amy had already transferred to A&M (hissssss) by this point, but she joined us for the fun. Rachel and Keith are on top of the couch. And across the front is Amy, Jeff, Sharon, Pat and Rob.
And Pat's hair was not usually that shaggy! :-)
My mother put together a picnic to celebrate Rachel's and my graduation. Both of our families came, and some of our friends. Pat's mother even came! We had to get together for the required "thumbs up" picture. (That was Jeff's thing... :-)
Long before we started dating (but after the subject had been brought up ;-), Pat sent me flowers for my birthday! I was so surprised! Aren't they pretty?
Here's the old gang at Beth and Kenneth's wedding. It was just about a month after this that Pat and I started dating.
Pat has spent many weekends in Houston with me and my family over the years. This picture was from one of our trips to Astroworld. Here's Keith and Pat with my cousins Aaron and Kellie- and you can see my mother and Aunt Patricia in the background.
This October, Pat and I and Beth and Kenneth went camping out at Enchanted Rock. That was a really fun weekend.
Pat gave me three beautiful roses for our three months of dating anniversary. :-)
Us with my brother, Keith, at Thanksgiving. This was taken in my parent's backyard.
The whole fam!
My new family(!) at Pat's grandparent's house this Christmas.