Timetable of Wedding Plans and Preparations

Event Details Date Completed
got engaged!!! Read all about Pat's clever proposal Dec 9, 2001
picked the date April 13! Dec 12, 2001
booked the church Seventh and James Baptist Church - where Pat and his mother are members. Beautiful sanctuary and huge bridal room! Dec 12, 2001
talked with the pastor Dr. Raymond Bailey will do our pre-marital counseling and perform the ceremony Dec 12, 2001
booked the photographer We decided to go with Joe Gonzales. Dec 15, 2001
Handbell choir agreed to play for us Pat and his mother are members of Seventh's handbell choir. The other members generously agreed to give their time to play a few songs at our wedding. That will really be special for Pat and me! Dec 15, 2001
selected the wedding party Cameo, Kellie and Stephanie will be my bridesmaids, and Kenneth, Keith and Jon will be Pat's groomsmen. Pat's cousin Sarah will be the flower girl. Dec 2001
Sharon agreed to be our pianist Sharon is the secretary for the Computer Science department, so she knows me and is a good friend to Pat. Dec 2001
Amy agreed to either play or sing or read Bible verses or greet :-) Amy has been a good friend of mine since 6th grade- plus she's the one who introduced me and Pat! Dec 2001
got my dress! It was the first one I tried on- even though I tried about 15 more after that. Jan 1, 2002
registered at Target We already have so much between us- we could only find 27 items at Target that we need. Jan 17, 2002
met with the florist Maureen at Crozier's really impressed us with her wedding planning skills Jan 18, 2002
made arrangements for the honeymoon We're going to Yachats, Oregon. It's on the coast, in a woodsy mountainy area. Check out the cabin where we'll be staying Jan 20, 2002
shopped for bridesmaids dresses Waco really doesn't have many good bridal shops, and unfortunately department stores don't have their spring colors out yet. Not sure if I want to chance waiting... Cameo was such a great sport about trying on tons of dresses! Jan 21-22, 2002
bad news re: the reception We found out the church is renovating the fellowship hall, and it may not be available for our reception. Must find a backup place... Jan 22, 2002
my mother came to help She showed me the dress she's picked out, and it's really pretty! Plus she got it on sale- even better! Pat's mother likes it, too, so she'll pick a similar color. While she was here, Mommy also got to see the church- she agrees that it's just beautiful. :-) Jan 26, 2002
got the tuxes all lined up Gingiss was offering a really great deal on tux rentals, so we picked the tux, tie and vest for Pat, the groomsmen and our fathers to get. Jan 26, 2002
Bridal Show in Waco Didn't win anything, but we found a cake place we're definitely not using! Jan 27, 2002
promising news for the reception! Rosalie (a member of the handbell choir) is on the Renovations committee at Seventh. She informed us that the bids from the contractors aren't even due till March 1st. Looks like the contruction may not start by April 13! We'll keep praying! Jan 27, 2002
booked florist We're going with Maureen at Crozier's Jan 28, 2002
found some possible flower girl dresses I like this one at David's Bridal and also this pattern from McCalls. I'll let Sarah's mother, Mary, decide whether she would rather purchase the dress or make it. Feb 1, 2002
got a backup reception site Mommy called First Baptist (my church), and found that their Fellowship Hall is available April 13th. So we can use that as a backup in case Seventh's is being renovated. Feb 1, 2002
had fitting for alterations on my dress Gladys in League City will do my alterations. She came recommended by Bridesmart and by Beth. :-) The dress needed fewer alterations than we originally thought- thank goodness I'm tall! Feb 2, 2002
decided on a pattern for our everyday dishes We're going with Pfaltzgraff's Tea Rose pattern. I had seen it before, and liked it, so we took Pat to the Pfaltzgraff store in LaMarque, and he likes it, too. We'll have to register online for this one, since few stores carry that pattern. Feb 2, 2002
decided on bridemaid's dresses I tried on a bridesmaid's dress at Bridesmart identical to one from Chadwick's that looked pretty good. It looked good on me, so I'm going with that for the bridesmaids. They'll order them from Chadwick's because it's cheaper, and the dresses are returnable in case the size is all wrong. Feb 2, 2002
made arrangements for bridal portrait On March 4th, Joe Gonzales will do my bridal portrait at the Armstrong Browning Library on campus. It's a beautiful location, and he does a great job shooting in the natural lighting there. Feb 4, 2002
set up this website! I started this on another server, but hadn't really worked much on it. Pat set up this test server with PHP for us to use temporarily. Feb 5, 2002
ordered the invitations After looking at many books of invitations, we decided to order from Rexcraft online. Check out the invitation! We also got cute matching daisy napkins. :-) Feb 5, 2002
first counseling session with Raymond We met with Raymond for the inventory portion of our counseling. Feb 6, 2002
registered at Dillard's We found a comforter set at Dillard's that we both like. We also found some stainless here that we like. Feb 7, 2002
talked with Mary about Sarah's dress Mary is planning to make Sarah's dress. She showed me several patterns online that she can combine to make the dress look similar to mine. I'm so excited to see it! Feb 8, 2002
met with a caterer We met with Best Yett Catering. Pat's mother is considering them for the rehearsal dinner. Sounds like they'd do a wonderful job! We also talked with them about the reception. Feb 9, 2002
talked with Amy Amy will be singing "Always" for us. That was my grandparents' "song" and was sung at their wedding. It's always been a favorite of mine. I think it has a lovely message as well... "Not for just an hour. Not for just a day. Not for just a year. But Always." Feb 10, 2002
invitations arrived Our invitations and our napkins are here! Now the real work begins. :-) Feb 13, 2002
met with another caterer My parents and grandmother came up, and we met with Linda at Southern Traditions. She has a package deal where she does the cakes and punch and decorations for the whole reception. Plus she also does the kinds of finger foods we're looking for. Feb 14, 2002
constant planning causes freaky dreams I had this really weird dream about my caterer dictating that everyone wear gloves... but she ran out of white, and mine had to be teal! ;-) Feb 14, 2002
my first bridal shower! Cameo (with help from Amanda) gave me a beautiful bridal shower! There were 20 women there- mostly friends I know from work and from stamping. I had such a good time visiting and playing games. And of course opening lots of wonderful gifts! Feb 16, 2002
tried out different wedding hairstyles Amanda came over and spent several hours curling and pinning my hair into various styles. Everyone seemed to like the up-do the best. Feb 17, 2002
my folks talked with yet another caterer My parents talked with Greg at Harrington House. We could have the reception at Harrington House, since the Fellowship Hall at Seventh may not be available. If we have it there, we'll have to use Aramark Dining Services, but they have really nice food for a very reasonable price. Feb 18, 2002
made a bunch of thank you cards Pat helped me make about 20 thank you cards for the shower gifts. Our goal is to keep up with thank yous within one week of receiving a gift. Now I just need to write in the cards! ;-) Feb 19, 2002
we have a caterer! We've decided to count on the Fellowship Hall being available- or using First Baptist's Fellowship Hall (now that they realized I'm a member so they shouldn't charge me $500!). And we'll use Linda at Southern Traditions for the cake, punch and finger foods. She'll also add some decorations! Feb 21, 2002
Heather agreed to read scripture in the wedding My dear friend Heather (who will be coming in from England!) will be a scripture reader for the wedding. It's so exciting to have people who are so special to us taking part in the wedding. Feb 21, 2002
decided on a hairstyle Amanda and Cameo spent the whole morning trying more hairstyles on me, and we finally found one I really like. So Amanda will do my hair for my bridal portrait and for the wedding! Feb 23, 2002
finished up the thank you cards Oops! Took a little over a week, but I got all the thank you cards for the shower done. Feb 24, 2002
got the music to Amy We put up a little webpage with the sheet music and an MP3 of Always for Amy, so she can start practicing. The internet is a wonderful thing! Feb 27, 2002
picked up the dress from the seamstress Gladys finished the alterations on my dress so we went to pick it up. It fits great! March 1, 2002
made a whole bunch more thank you cards for upcoming showers In the van on the way to Port Neches, Pat and I assembly lined more thank you cards March 2, 2002
shower in Port Neches! Aunt Patricia, Kellie and Kellie's other aunt, Irene, gave us a couple's shower. Since it was in Port Neches lots of family and my grandmother's friends came. There were 30 people there. It was so much fun. One oddity... after the shower at Cameo's when she was washing the (borrowed!) punch bowl, a piece broke out of it. Then at this shower, the ladle broke as punch was being served. I'm going nowhere near the punch at the wedding! Red punch... White Dress... Evil Punch Bowl Curse... ;-) March 2, 2002
Mommy finished up my headpiece and veil It looks so pretty! It's actually in two pieces... the veil is on a flexible comb to attach up under my hair in the back. March 3, 2002
Bridal portrait In the morning, Amanda came over and fixed my hair- it looked even better than the practice run! Mommy ran out to HEB and fixed up a simple bouquet because we totally forgot that I might need one. When I put on the dress with my hair up and my make-up done, and the headpiece and veil... that was so cool! Very big ordeal getting into all that, but cool. I can't wait for the big day. :-) The photographer and his wife were wonderful! So professional and sweet. I felt like a princess being posed all around in my fancy dress. I can't wait to see the pictures. March 4, 2002
got about half the invitations ready to mail We just decided to print the addresses on the envelopes since neither of us has very good handwriting. We got all Pat's and his parents' invitations ready, and most of mine are printed and ready to be finished up. March 5, 2002
met with florist to discuss details Since Mommy was here, we met with Maureen again to hammer out more of the details of the flowers and stuff. March 6, 2002
pre-marital counseling session We met with Raymond for our second session. It went pretty well- apparently Pat and I are extremely compatible according to the inventory we took. Raymond wasn't feeling well, so the session was shorter than I had hoped, but still very nice. But he did confirm for us that we can use the Fellowship Hall for sure! Yay! March 6, 2002
mailed 165 invitations We sent off most of our invitations. My mother took a bunch with her to do by hand, because she didn't have her list totally ready yet. March 7, 2002
purchased Pat's ring We went to Gordon's to buy Pat's wedding band! March 8, 2002
pause wedding plans to take trips! Pat had to go to Hawaii for the International Programming Contest, so his mother and I joined him for the first week. (Before he really had to start working a lot for it.) Then the following week, I had a conference in Phoenix. March 9-22, 2002
folks pick up bridal portrait proofs While we were in Hawaii, my folks came up to Waco to pick up the proofs of my bridal portrait from the photographers. They chose which ones to order and turned that order back in, so they would be ready in time for the wedding. March 13, 2002
shower in Friendswood! Mrs. Taylor and a bunch of ladies from FBC Friendswood gave me a shower at the Taylor's house. It was a beautiful luncheon. About 35 ladies were there, including Amy who I haven't seen for several years. She even brought her newly adopted, totally adorable little girl! March 23, 2002
finalized plans with and paid caterer Since she's the caterer/decorator, we still had a few decisions to make. Pat chose his groom's cake, and we upped the head count to 170 based on the reponses we've received. March 25, 2002
paid florist Gave Maureen a check and finalized all plans with her. March 26, 2002
Cameo made hair appointments for bridesmaids What a great Matron of Honor I have! She made appointments for Kellie and Stephanie to get their hair done at the same time as her the morning of the wedding. March 26, 2002
picked up bridal pictures The folks ordered two 8x10s (one close-up and one 3/4 length with a stained glass window showing in the backbground) and a 16x20 to display at the reception. It's seriously huge! It'll be like a giant shrine to Sharon... scary! March 27, 2002
surprise shower at church! The preschool teachers meeting at church tonight turned out to also be a surprise bridal shower for Lisa and me. Everybody brought kitchen gadgets (plus some other cool stuff). It was so much fun! There were 10 women there. March 27, 2002
purchased gifts for some of the wedding party We got Leatherman Micras for the groomsmen, and we're having them engraved with their initials. We got the cutest little daisy necklaces from James Avery for the bridesmaids to wear at the wedding. Got adorable candle holders for pianist and handbell choir director- little bear sitting in field of daisies surround the candle pulling the petals out like "He loves me. He loves me not." And we got little silver bells for each member of the handbell choir that will be engraved, "Thanks! 4-13-02" March 30, 2002
took Bridal Portrait to be framed Giant shrine to Sharon will have a fancy frame! Woohoo! March 30, 2002
picked up Bridal Portrait from Frames, etc. They did a really nice job framing it. In the frame it looks much more elegant. Maybe it won't be quite as bizzare to have a giant picture of me on an easel at the reception after all. ;-) April 3, 2002
put Mary in touch with florist Mary had an awesome idea to have the florist make a wreath of flowers for Sarah's hair to match the rest of the flowers. April 4, 2002
paid Action Rental Gave Action Rental the check for the white tablecloths and white chairs for the reception. April 5, 2002
purchased gifts for the rest of the wedding party We got framed little saying about friendship for Amy and Heather. And we got the wedding beanie bears for Sarah. April 6, 2002
made up rough draft of program Raymond wanted to see an outline of what we wanted the ceremony to be, so we did up a basic outline with music and everyone's names listed for the program. April 6, 2002
my last day at FBC Waco :-( Today was my last Sunday at my church, since I'll be joining Seventh and James. The other Sunday School teachers in my class arranged for the kids to make an apron with their handprints on it as a thank you and good-bye to me. It was really sweet! April 7, 2002
last meeting with pastor We met with Raymond to go over what the ceremony would be like. He said that if our scripture reader did not read from 1 Corinthians 13, he would, so we decided to have Heather read that. April 7, 2002
made arrangements for set-up of Fellowship Hall We and Pat's mom met with Valerie at the church to decide how to best set up the tables for the rehearsal dinner Friday night considering that the caterer for the reception needs to set up some of her tables on Friday afternoon. April 8, 2002
finished program We finished up the program, and had several people proofread it. We printed 250 of them on our pretty periwinkle paper, and took them to Kinko's to have them folded. April 8-9, 2002
re-printed program! Lorie found a couple of mistakes on the program. One handbell member's name was spelled wrong! So Pat reprinted one, ran it out to Kinko's and had 250 more printed. Oops! April 10, 2002
folks arrived My parents and grandmother arrived with tons of plants and flowers to decorate the inside and outside of the Fellowship Hall. They also brought tons of little favors... two York peppermints, a Hershey Hug and Kiss wrapped in white tulle tied with white and silver ribbon and topped with a silk daisy. And a really pretty basket decorated with white tulle and a chain of daisies to hold them in. April 10, 2002
Dads finished up bubble bottles My father and Pat's father (and Pat, too) sat on the floor of Pat's living room tying up little bubble bottles in periwinkle tulle with periwinkle ribbon as the women worked on programs. Maw-Maw got a big kick out of seeing the men tying up little bubble bottles. She decided they must love their kids a lot! :-) April 10, 2002
stamped and embossed programs Cameo, my mother and grandmother, Pat's mother, Pat and me all worked hard stamping and embossing a little silver bride and groom and wedding bells on the front of every program. Then on Friday, Heather, Keith and Pat finished them up. April 10 & 12, 2002
wrapped all gifts and purchased one more We got another Leatherman Micras for Uncle Al to thank him for video taping for us. And we got pretty (almost periwinkle... sorta) paper to wrap up all the other gifts. April 11, 2002
Pat's grandparents arrived They drove down from Illinois. We had dinner with them, Pat's parents, my parents and my grandmother. That was a lot of fun! My grandmother thinks Pat's grandparents are very sweet. :-) April 11, 2002
Keith and Heather and Mark arrived Keith drove up after work and arrived just in time for Survivor. :-) And Heather and Mark arrived later that evening. They hung around and chatted for a while, but pretty quickly headed out to Cameo and Ken's house for the night. Long day for them- starting the previous night in England! April 11, 2002
picked out pictures for the Photo Table Mommy and Maw-Maw had already gone through bunches of pictures from the last eight years since Pat and I started hanging out looking for fun pics of the two of us with the gang and my fam. So we were able to fairly quickly pick out some of the best ones to display on the Photo Table at the reception. As well as some pics of each of us growing up. April 11, 2002
put together pictures on card stock with little captions for the Photo Table I was glad I have a lot of funky scissors and gel pens. It was fun throwing together as many pics as I could very quickly. April 12, 2002
"Bridesmaids Luncheon" A long time ago, Cameo saw on a website that I was supposed to have a Bridesmaids Luncheon the day before the wedding. Well, she decided right then and there that I owed her a lunch! ;-) We kidded about the Bridesmaids Luncheon for months, so even though neither of my other bridesmaids were arriving until Friday afternoon, I thought I better have the luncheon. So Cameo and Ken, Heather and Mark, Kenneth, Keith, and Pat and I had lunch over at Fazoli's! April 12, 2002
manicures for the bride and groom We wanted to have the photographers take one of those pictures with our hands displaying the rings on top of my flowers, so we wanted our fingernails to look bright and shiny. :-) Pat just wanted his previously chewed to the quick nails to look somewhat better. While we had our nails done, Pat's mom had her hair and nails done, too. And Mary videotaped us before she, too, had her nails done. I got a pretty sheer pink polish on mine, and Pat, of course, had no color. ;-) April 12, 2002
guys picked up tuxes Keith, Daddy and Pat ran out to Gingiss to pick up their tuxes. Long lines due to Prom weekend. :-o April 12, 2002
Rehearsal and Rehearsal dinner! The wedding festivities begin!!! April 12, 2002
Shower at Amanda's Amanda and Sandy gave me a lingerie shower. All the girls involved in the wedding plus my cousin Mary came. April 12, 2002
Pat's bachelor party The guys went to Pat's house to watch a couple of movies selected by Kenneth. April 12, 2002
pack for honeymoon Quick last minute packing and gathering up of everything we'll need tomorrow and next week. Pat may have packed before this, but I always wait till the last minute! April 12, 2002
Wedding day has arrived!!! After much planning and preparing... After much advise and help by wonderful friends and family... After eight and a half years of friendship, Pat and I are finally married!!! Check out the pics from the big day! April 13, 2002