The Proposal

Pat really put a lot of time and thought into the proposal! He made me a scavenger hunt and videotaped the whole thing. It was so much fun, and every clue had to do with something that is special to us- like one was at the mini-golf place where we had our first date. Each clue along the way contained pieces of a puzzle that I had to put together to find the final clue.
The puzzle led me to the mini-grandfather clock on his mantle. The clock has a little glass door on the front where you normally see the pendulum, but he had removed the pendulum and covered the glass with a photo of the pendulum! Clever boy... :-) Anyways, I opened up the door and inside were two little beanie bears with a bunch of foam hearts all over them and a little red envelope just like all the other clues. I was like "awww..." figuring the bears were my reward, but when I reached in and took out the envelope... behind it was the ring! My heart totally leapt. :-) The last clue said, "Sweetheart, I have a question for you." :-) :-) :-) While he was getting out the ring and kneeling down, I was totally jumping up and down. :-)