Pre-wedding Pictures

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Pat had to be in Hawaii preparing for the ACM contest on Valentine's Day, so he took a picture of himself from his hotel room (while on the phone with me!) to send me so I'd feel like we were together.
When Pat returned from Hawaii he brought leis for everyone!
Here's Amanda hard at work getting my curls in order. She was so great- trying out one hairstyle after another trying to find "the one."
After Cameo and Amanda tried out more hairstyles on me, the boys joined us and we all went out to lunch.
Maw-Maw and Mommy prepare favors for the reception. They wrapped a Hershey Hug and Kiss with two York Peppermints in tulle and topped each one with a daisy.
The fam brought up loads of pretty flower pots to line the sidewalk between the church and the fellowship hall. There were lots of Gerbera Daisies- my favorite!
Maw-Maw, me, Pat's mom and Cameo hard at work stamping and embossing the programs. We stamped a little bride and groom with wedding bells above them and embossed them in silver.
Pat, Heather and Keith finish up the programs as Kenneth compiles information for us on the computer.
Daddy, Pat's dad and Pat tie up bubble bottles in periwinkle tulle.

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