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Shower at Cameo's house

Opening presents... this one was the WWF Cookbook from Rachel. Cameo also planned several cool games including a quiz about Pat and me. My mother won that one! ;-)
Cameo and her helpers, Amanda and Barbie. Look at all the yummy food they prepared!
Here's Cameo and me at the shower. See the beautiful corsage she got for me... with daisies- my favorite! She's such a sweetheart!

Couple's Shower in Port Neches

Our lovely hostesses, Kellie, Aunt Patricia and Irene.

They did a really nice job! The food was great, and they had a pretty cake and flowers for us, too! Everyone had a nice time visiting and catching up. And we even played a game... see how many words you can make from the letters in "Pat and Sharon." And Keith entertained everyone as he "slithered" up the stairs!

Aaron held onto the bows from our gifts for us so we wouldn't lose them. :-)

Shower in Friendswood

Mrs. Taylor and several other ladies from the church I grew up in had a really nice shower for me! It was a luncheon at Mrs. Taylor's house. It was so nice getting to visit with folks I don't get to see much anymore.

Surprise Shower at Church

Miss Liz and Miss Betsy gave a surprise shower for me and a fellow preschool teacher who was also getting married in April. I thought I was just going to a teacher's meeting, so I didn't bring a camera. The shower was lots of fun, though. We had a nice time visiting and snacking, and everyone brought kitchen gadgets and recipes!

Shower at Amanda's

Uh, the only pics from this shower are me holding up one nightie after another. So... no pics to post here! ;-) After I opened my gifts (to the tune of lots of "oohs and aahs" and lots of laughing. :-), we just had a really nice time sitting and visiting about marriage, families, etc. This was a great way to spend my last night as a single gal!

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